Books & Publications


Simon is the author of Keep Your Kids Safe On the Internet, published by McGraw-Hill in New York, USA. The book has outsold all others in its category and has been translated in multiple languages.

Simon has also contributed to many other books including Total Surveillance by John Parker published by Piatkus Publishing in the UK.

In Total Surveillance, Simon wrote a chapter on “A Guide to Safety, Security and Privacy on the Web”.

Simon has also reviewed books on behalf of publishers including the Business and eCommerce chapters in “Internet and World Wide Web” by Deitel published by Prentice Hall.

Other publishers have also asked Simon to review their books including:

  • Hacking Windows XP.
  • The PC Doctor’s Fit-It-Yourself Guide.
  • How to Do Everything to: Fight Spam, Viruses, Pop-ups & Spyware.


Simon has regularly contributed articles and reviews for Australian Personal Computer magazine including:

  • Security Special: Antispam, Firewall, Antivirus, Malware. Top 15 applications.
  • Labs Feature: Wireless ADSL Modems. Top 5 wireless ADSL modems.
  • Upgrade Expert: Which digital TV tuner card is best?
  • Cover Special: Mix & Match. – Review of Adobe Audition & Acid Xpress.
  • Downtime / Books: Hardening Windows Systems.
  • Opinion: Who’s guarding the PC now?
  • Power Kits: Networking and Security.
  • Labs Challenge: Personal Firewalls. – Top 8 Personal Firewalls.